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Team work

Pablo, who comes from a traditional Argentinean family, with roots in ranching and agriculture, together with María Laura Toso, whose family name is a protagonist in the Mendoza viticultural industry, provide constant encouragement to their children in the continuation of the family business: Vinos & Hacienda S.A., which encompasses the following principal family activities: –“Hacienda del Plata” winery and vineyards are where Juan Pablo, Rosario and Inés, pour their time, energy and creativity in pursuit off the personality of their wines.

“El Inicio”, is a cattle ranch in the province of Córdoba, where Nicolás channels his resources and energy to create a sustainable dairy focused on obtaining the highest quality of milk together with a new venture: the production of “Sampacho” fine cheeses. The family unites its blood, strength and passion. Time, patience and tradition are the masters of excellence. The span of years tell the story… nothing is easy. María Laura and Pablo renew the importance of family strength in their children and respective families. They urge them to risk and challenge themselves in the search of their goals, to contemplate those who are on the road with them and keep them by their side, to appreciate and be thankful for all they receive, and above all else to maintain the high values and principles that guided their own ancestors.


The memories of Carlos E. González O’Donnell, Pablo’s father, inspired the names of the wines. From the old and worn pages of his diary that depicted a simple life on an Andean ranch, a life of yesteryear, characters and events sprung to life. They are now captured through the personality and style of each wine today, and through their names they seek to keep that precipitous and intense place alive, together with the loyalty and the honesty of the people that not so long ago walked its soil.